There is Movement of the Mind, And There is Sound, by Joseph Bouthiette Jr.


For Aleathia Drehmer

EXHIBIT A: In Face [Self, Fulfilling] In Ass

I. Cursory_55”to work”//
Scene: Defeat

The protagonist is described by means of the film, the moon, and the calls he wishes to cross the border. As I understand it, besides the eyes of his will and the color of his skin, there is nothing else to leak.


II. Depthless_55”world challenge”//
Scene: The Challenges of Space

I want to be the invisible layer that gives quiet to the cats. The protagonist may well deal with my sound. This is perfect, though initially it may have been longer.


III. Farcical_55”united against the law”//
Scene: Illegal Alien

The marquess may solve many summer problems of the protagonist. This is an unacceptable waste. I cannot remember much of luxury or the wet areas. A million physical injuries close with a moral.

EXHIBIT B: The Sickness of Prophecies In Us

IV. Inconsiderable_55”antibodies”//
Scene: Disgust

The color of strength. Dry as the highway shot with oil. The protagonist gives to himself the gift of the poor and the needy. I have taken his looks. He feels. His body feels.


V. Meaningless_55”I am pregnant”//
Scene: Absinthe

And on his head is a beautiful temple held by a small rope. There is an honesty to the work. The flaming glass of perfect beauty. I will show the protection of insanity.


VI. Paltry_55”a road”//
Scene: Obsessions

There are scrolls in the library. The second storey is dry and possesses many documents. It lies in the sunshine, with a warm flexibility in the heart and body.

EXHIBIT C: [Up] Evil Health All Confabulations [Down]

VII. Shallow_55”the queen”//
Scene: Queen of the Bees

He insulates young animals. His foot will not move without first being cut. The garlic opens, shy. The protagonist is beautiful and natural, and I am discarding water.


VIII. Trifling_55”drama”//
Scene: A Wet Dream

The color of bones in hands. There are many things between here and there, foot and food.


IX. Vain_55”order of the office”//
Scene: The Horde

An albatross is replaced with support of the faithful. The protagonist dreams in his sleep. There are radiant eyes, faces that break, lips that enter. The protagonist and I strive to pass away.


Joseph Bouthiette Jr. is the main brain behind Carrion Blue 555, Scrimshaw Obscura, Molten Molecular Minutiae, and Red Slur Records. His fiction and poetry have appeared in print and online in Lost Signals, Strange Behaviors, Hellscape, Obscurum, and Durable Goods, among others. He is an avid tabletop gamer and most definitely a cat person.


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