Silent Motorist Media Has Moved! Well, sort of…

In case it slipped by you, we are no longer based here at WordPress! is now www.silentmotoristmedia.comNo worries WordPress fans–our blog is still here, even though we’ll likely downgrade to a basic WordPress URL when the next billing cycle comes around. The WordPress menu now automatically links you to the new site via the “home” button, so you don’t have to search around any more than usual to find us. We’ve made this switch because we’ve found that managing an online store from is MUCH easier to us technologically inept editors than doing so from WordPress. You’ll also note new features, such as “News” updates on the main page rather than our standard blog link. Hopefully, this switch is hassle-free to you, and greatly increases our productivity.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list on the new siteWe have a slew of exciting announcements to make (which we’ll still make here), and subscribing on both ends greatly increases your influx of SMM material. Also, feel encouraged to check out our growing community on Patreon. Patrons have been getting loads of exciting stuff, such as subscriptions to Mysterium Tremendum, early cover reveals, and full, unedited versions of material from both Mysterium Tremendum and Hymns of Abomination: Secret Songs of Leeds.

Thank you, as always, for your support! You’ll be hearing more about releases from us as the week goes on.