Orgy of the Dumb Anthology Cover Reveal

So here it is, the official Orgy of the Dumb cover:

In case you missed the ruckus, we’re currently accepting submissions featuring 1,000 to 4,000 word stories of “normal” people doing stupid things and leading to bad, dangerous, or downright frightening situations. We’re looking to close submissions around January 1st, so submit soon!

We don’t have a lot of restrictions on this one; just make sure your writing is tight, your story is unique, and your narrative voice is strong. Humor is welcome, and so is horror, gore, and anything weird or bizarro. Contributors will receive a free ebook copy, as well as discounted print proof copies. Please email Bob Freville with your submissions, and include your name and a short author bio either in the attached document or in the body of the email.

All proceeds from this anthology support the maintenance of Silent Motorist Media. Let the orgy begin!