Announcements: Altar, Mysterium Tremendum, Hymns of Abomination, and More

As you know, things have been quite busy around here lately. It’s high time for an announcement on all things SMM. Let’s dive right into it, shall we? 

Our limited hardcover release of Philip Fracassi’s Altar successfully funded on Kickstarter. Within the next few months, we’ll be printing fifty of these gorgeous, signed and limited editions, illustrated by Francois Vaillancourt. Below, you’ll find the latest of five interior illustrations by Francois. While this edition is not currently featured in our (apparently broken) online book store, you can reach out to us at if you wish to obtain a copy. There are only a few remaining. 

There are also 100 limited paperbacks to be printed with this edition, which are also be signed and numbered. 

Mysterium Tremendum, our hand-bound chapbook exploring the borderlands between horror and the holy, is running right on schedule. The first issue of this quarterly chapbook will be released in January at $10. Look for a Table of Contents soon! 

If you have submitted to Mysterium Tremendum and are still waiting to hear back from us, please be assured that we are still making our way through submissions. Since we are also considering works for future issues, this may take some time. We will notify you the moment a decision has been made regarding your submission. 

Hymns of Abomination: Secret Songs of Leeds, our tribute to the work of Matthew M. Bartlett, is humming right along as well! We’ve been stunned by the quality of submissions, and we can’t wait to get this thing to you. We are still looking at a release date in July of 2021. Soon, you’ll be able to check out our Hymns of Abomination shirts on our Teespring page! Any proceeds to Teespring go directly to the maintenance of this site. 

And lastly, Red Tower Collective, our charity album of readings set to unsettling soundscapes, is well underway. So far, we have contributions from Matthew M. Bartlett, Scott R. Jones, Rebecca Gransden, Rhys Hughes, Matt Leyshon, Matthew Henshaw, and more. You can currently find the free sampler album featuring two tracks on Bandcamp.  

Volume I will be released as soon as an appropriate album length has been reached (50 to 60 minutes). All proceeds from Red Tower Collective will go to a charity selected before the album release date (TBA). There will also be a Kickstarter campaign for a physical vinyl release of Red Tower Collective Volume I.

Please check out our Patreon–there’s plenty of exclusive content on the way, including glimpses of Mysterium Tremendum, Hymns of Abomination, discount codes to Red Tower Collective, and much more!   

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to reach out at

What’s New at Silent Motorist Media?

If things have seemed a bit quiet around here for the past few days, it hasn’t been for a lack of activity on our end. In fact, we’ve been hard at work with a slew of new projects and site additions for you. Some of these we can’t quite announce yet. The purpose of this post is to announce the ones we can.

  • Silent Motorist Media is officially on YouTube! That’s right, we’ve done the unthinkable and created a YouTube channel. The fact is, we’re getting so much new material to review that adapting to video format is the only logical way to proceed. For now, we’re shifting most of the album review load over to YouTube in addition to a handful of short book reviews and reader responses. While we’re still adapting to this platform and far from professional YouTubers, we’re planning on adding new content specifically designed for YouTube starting… well, now. Go ahead and subscribe to our channel to help us get this show on the road!
  • FAVOR! Magazine Release: Bob Freville and I have been working on a fun little project to explore our more satirical and humorous inclinations. This project is FAVOR!, a “fashion, health, and… ahem… culture” magazine edited by the unbelievably unlikeable and literally fake SMM associate, Slade Bower. I like to think of FAVOR! as something like Vogue meeting Adult Swim (after getting addicted to banned weight-loss supplements and spending way too much time watching Memory Hole). We’re confident that FAVOR! was pretty damn fun to make… and that’s about it. This DEFINITELY NSFW publication will be ready for download within the next day or so. While FAVOR! definitely isn’t for everyone, we’re sure those with a more twisted sense of humor will appreciate this mess. Oh, and here’s the cover, just so you can get a taste of the ridiculousness that awaits.
  • We’ve also launched an apparel store! Here, you can purchase SMM tee-shirts, hoodies, and more to support the writers and our free author promotional service. Below is a picture of me sporting our Faces of Horror: Cosmic design. Click on the link to visit!

That’s it for now. Don’t worry, there’s more on the way. Thank you for reading, and we hope you’ll stick around for the weirdness to come.

Justin A. Burnett

Your Happy Life: Day Four

Day One

Day Two

Day Three


Yesterday, we met a man at a funeral. Edifying experience, wasn’t it? You, being happy, cannot relate to the protagonist. For this, you should consider yourself fortunate. Your job, after all, was never to relate, but merely to watch. Yes, to watch, without empathy, without care, perhaps even with a little scorn! Scorn! It is true. I, for one, commend your scorn and urge you to revive it every time I present to you the sufferings of your fellow human. Scorn is the privilege of the supremely happy. What do all the gods share? It certainly isn’t love, oh happy one. You won’t find a shiver of love in the heart of your own god between the pages of Genesis and Malachi. Scorn, however, you will discover in plentitude. What god does not show scorn, even when tracing the empty devotion to love on the pages of their user manuals? Patience, please. We shall say more of love later. For now, it is enough to know that scorn is the ambrosia of the gods. Leave your embarrassment and pathetic dissembling behind you as you approach. Fear not scorn, since your fear is nothing but the hereditary lie of those who would keep it all to themselves. Unlearn your timidity and return to the man at the funeral with proud scorn. Laugh as he imagines his wife weeping. Encourage him to dive into the dark. Bathe in his pain, like the great, scornful Bathory, but do not wish for his death. The happy do not kill, since in their scorn, they realize that the body is a deserved prison for the unhappy. Allow the light of your happiness to increase against the shadow of their misery

Al Ard Album Review

Band: Al Ard
Album: Al Ard
Country of Origin: Italy
Release Date: June 22nd, 2018 
Genre: Black metal/noise, experimental. 
Label: code666


Aside from featuring the coolest album art in recent memory, Al Ard is an all-out treat for those of us straddling the fence between black metal and electronic “noise” musicians like Pharmakon. This album is one hell of a messy ride, and perfectly suited for listeners sick of hearing the same old black metal riffs since 1994.

While Al Ard is brash, crushing, and thoroughly vicious the whole way through, these elements alone wouldn’t be enough to snag this reviewer’s attention. It also preserves a coherent atmosphere, despite the whiplash blend of metal and electronic elements. These Italian musicians certainly know how to imbue their unsettling sonic palette with just enough psychotic paranoia to leave behind a lasting impression, even if it’s one that tends to darken your once-innocent existence.

Terms like “cosmic noise,” and “disturbed dubstep” have been used to describe Al Ard. While these are as apt as any descriptions of musical experiences can be, it might prove more useful to think of bands like Red Harvest, or to imagine latter-day Mayhem mixed with a heavy dose of Theologian. While Al Ard’s creative foray into seriously underappreciated sonic territory isn’t exactly “mind-blowing,” this is definitely a band I’ll remember when I’m in the mood something tastefully nasty, and I’ll certainly be on the lookout for future releases.

Rating: 4 / 5

The Return of Silent Motorist Media


As promised, after nearly a month of inactivity, Silent Motorist Media is back! We’re picking up right where we left off, and we’d like to announce a few changes to our program.

To begin, we have a new staff writer. Austin James, author of “Profixer” and the recently-released collection, The Drip Drop Prophet, is joining us to help with our author interviews series. We’re excited to add another voice to our little community, and believe that you will enjoy the variety. Help us welcome Mr. James by checking out his upcoming interview with Dani Brown.

Which brings us nicely to our second topic: the second phase of our author interviews will largely focus on women writers. We’d like to encourage women writers interested in an interview to contact us. As we’ve stated on our Promotional Services page, this is your site, writers, and we’re always excited to read and discuss your work. The list of upcoming women author interviews is growing daily, and we’d be thrilled for you to join.

Submissions are tentatively scheduled to open again in mid-July, and a themed essay contest will also be announced soon. Don’t worry. We’ll keep you updated.

Finally, the Silent Motorist Media Editing Team will soon announce open enrollment to a month-long creative writing workshop on Facebook. While we’ve been busy editing, we’ve also been taking notes. From those notes, we’ve composed a curriculum based on grammar, content, and style designed to strengthen your fiction writing by addressing issues that we’ve recurrently noted while editing. In other words, what you’ll get in our workshop isn’t the standard affair: we’ll ask you to bring a draft of a short story, and we’ll treat it to an individualized editing process, supplanted by general lessons that focus on the technical aspects of writing. Shannon McCaslin, an English instructor with over a decade of experience teaching undergraduate composition, will join me to give you an experience worthy of a short, college-level course. While enrollment isn’t officially open, we are happy to answer any preliminary inquiries you might have.

It’s great to be back, and we hope you’ll join us as we continue our ecstatic celebration of the literary weird.

-Justin A. Burnett