Sausage, Aliens, Academia, and Other Things I’ve Been Screwing With Since Last Time

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The waiting period before a publication date tends to be a little strenuous. Esoteric Sausage and Other Malformations is officially scheduled to drop on the 18th (three days away), and I’m feeling the performance night jitters. Although seeing my first serious publication go through the process was fun, I’ll definitely feel better once it’s out there.
Although things have been quiet here since the previous release announcement for Esoteric Sausage, home base has been more than alive with activity.

As I mentioned before, The Last Drug Trial on Earth is due for release later this year from NihilismRevised, a press garnering more attention each passing day in the world of the bizarro/weird (Check out S. C. Burke’s appearance on Frank Elder’s zany podcast Bizzong! and the NR blogpost on Bob Freville’s Sticky Living page). There will be more on this highly unique and twisted alien invasion novel as the release date approaches.

But that’s not all. Not even close. A surprise publication is in the works, hopefully closely coinciding with the release of Esoteric Sausage by way of my own, brand new publishing endeavor, Silent Motorist Productions. This will be another short collection, like Esoteric Sausage, although entirely nonfiction. In here, you’ll find academic articles, experimental book reviews, and meditations on dark music. Additionally, it will be free for Amazon and Goodreads reviewers of Esoteric Sausage. Simply send me a Facebook message, email, or comment on this blog with a link to your review on either site, and you’ll get a pdf or mobi file of the nonfiction collection, gratis, the moment it drops.


So that’s it, right? No fucking way. I have three (!) major works well underway right now, and all of them are turning out better than I ever dared to hope. One of them is long-term and full of enough potential to remain hidden from the public and merely hinted at for a while. Don’t worry; we’ll get back to it soon enough.

The second features characters with names like Jeff O’Brien, Bob Freville, Jason Wayne Allen… Yes, what you are thinking is spot on, unless it’s “I’ve never heard these names in my life,” in which case you are woefully unfamiliar with the devious world of bizarro fiction. REAL bizarro writers are going to crop up in this up-and-coming metafiction entitled I’m So Fucking Done Writing Bizarro Fiction. I’m currently transferring the writing process for this one to a renowned writer’s workshop. This way, I’ll have plenty of motivation and help pushing it through to a timely and well-guided ending. In other words, it’s fairly safe to expect more news on this one soon.

I am particularly excited to announce this final project. It’s a lot of fun to work on, and is undoubtedly the nastiest, darkest, most horrific thing I will ever write. Think Maldoror meets Thomas Ligotti’s The Conspiracy Against the Human Race: A Contrivance of Horror, and you’re still just getting a hint. What’s more, it’s partially an art book featuring the work of both classical and contemporary masters of darkness. A future post will go into more detail and include excerpts. For now, below is the interior art for the title page of part one.


I think we can all agree that I have enough work to keep me busy throughout the year without even mentioning multiple upcoming anthology appearances. More on those later. Most importantly, however, there is more than enough content to make your subscription to this blog worthwhile! Check back soon for the announcement of my nonfiction collection release, a book review on Daulton Dickey’s stunning novel from Rooster Republic Press, Flesh Made World, and an in-depth look at the dark universe of my third work in progress. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on my new press, Silent Motorist Productions. There’s no telling what will pop up there.