New Media: An SMM Calendar of Sorts

First, we have a new About page which rather fails, unfortunately, at explaining any questions you may have about SMM. We’ll take this failure in stride, since explanations tend to ruin things. Don’t mistake our acquiescence for apathy, however. Contact us, and we are more than happy to answer any questions we surely did not answer otherwise.

SMM is soon to welcome Dying Cletus on board as a regular contributor. Cletus will be reviewing weird metal albums and composing mixtapes (this will make more sense in the near future), in addition to conducting interviews with musicians. We are excited about this, and hope that you will soon see why. Cletus’s segment will be entitled “Hot Takes from the Crypt,” and posts by him will be headed by the following image.

Other contributors will be appearing soon as well, along with a continuation of our author interviews series. Multiple interviews are already underway as I type this. All I can say regarding them at this juncture is that you will not be disappointed.

Also new to SMM is a self-help series by C. M. Bartolomeo entitled Your Happy Life. We have already read the unfinished manuscript, and found it unsettling enough to belong here. Your Happy Life will appear weekly on Mondays for the spiritual and psychological edification of our readers.

And, of course, expect more of the usual nonsense. We hope you are enjoying our strange and ever-growing little community. If you wish to participate, please contact us. We are happy to keep SMM as interactive an experience as possible.

-Justin A. Burnett