How Krimzon X Gets into Character for Halloween

By Bob Freville

It’s October 31st, 2012 and the rapper [then] known as King Krimzon is out on parole. After refusing to pay a ticket, the law catches up with him…at one of his wicked stage shows. The police arrive in Halloween costumes and promptly arrest the Maestro of Murder Rap. As he’s led off in cuffs, the crowd mistakes the whole thing as part of Krimzon’s performance and applaud accordingly.

It’s the kind of confused hysteria that seems to haunt Krimzon, a hysteria that he seems to thrive on. For a lot of people, it would appear that King Krimzon was born from the hysteria surrounding his appearance on Dr. Phil in 2017, but the Detroit musician has actually been touring for years and slowly building a rabid fan base.

After the British prog rockers King Crimson served Krimzon with a cease and desist over the use of the King moniker, King Krimzon died. But from his ashes Krimzon X rose like the mighty phoenix and today he’s ready to rip doors off their hinges with a host of forthcoming music videos and loco-as-fuck live events.

The man behind the music is an anomaly; on one hand, he’s a face paint-wearing Juggalo-baiting B boy, but on the other he’s a preppie dude who rocks UGG hats, vests and khakis. This marriage of the macabre and the mundane has caused many to cringe which might upset a lesser artist, but Krimzon X is very much in on the joke.

In fact, it could be argued that the cat behind “Trap Rap Killaz” is actually inverting the joke by dismantling the gangsta rap image and effectively laughing all the way to the bank. This is a man who trademarked #CringeGang after all.

Having signed with Houston-based hip hop label Dope House Records, Krimzon X is poised to pulverize the indie music scene with some of the slickest and sickest “black majik murder musick” this side of the Necropolis.

I hit Krimzon up to chop it about our favorite holiday and find out what the founding member of the Cringe Gang has to say about his infamous HellaWeen shows. Here’s what he had to say about how he gets ready to step out on Samhain (that’s Halloween for you white bread types).

“I usually take 10 hrs setting up stage show along w 2 hrs prep time for my outfit and makeup and i try to come w a scary style look w my contacts along w my own preppy grunge style.”

“I design my own props on drywall stilts so i have 8 foot monsters on stage walking w huge faces and creature hands and a stage show that fits the music.”

It’s this kind of DIY attitude that has set Krimzon apart from similar acts on the underground rap circuit. Krimzon’s roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic and attention to detail doesn’t so much recall Twiztid or Wu-Tang as its does Rob Zombie or Alice Cooper.


I ask him what song of his he would choose for a Halloween playlist and why. He responds without hesitation and his answer shows a humble side to the hellacious hip hop star, one that isn’t stingy with props for his fellow artists.  “Twiztid featuring Dayton Family,” he says. “‘Sex, Drug, Money and Murder.’”

But just because he’s humble doesn’t mean the man behind “You Don’t Know Me” has gone soft. On the contrary, he can prop himself up as much as his peers. When I ask him why Halloween is important to him, he says, “Halloween is my favorite because I bring the wickedness to Halloween and bring in a great Halloween show.”

That’s the truth, Ruth. And if you have any doubt, just peep his official YouTube channel or lash your lobes to the murderous lyrics of his music on Reverb Nation. In joint after joint, Krimzon proves that he’s more than just the purveyor of cringe. He’s also a stone freak with a satchel full of fire.

This holiday season, keep things spooky and sick with some of Krimzon X’s premo musick. And follow him on social to find out when he’ll be haunting your hood.

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