Four Ways to Get Active in the Silent Motorist Media Community

We’re about to hit you with another solid round of Silent Motorist Media excellence, beginning at 1:00 pm CST today and lasting through the rest of the week. In the meantime, here’s a short list of things you can do get the most out of your SMM experience.

  • Friend Silent Motorist Media on Goodreads. Here, you will find extra content, including lists and exclusive Goodreads book reviews. You may have noticed we don’t reveal who we’re in the process of interviewing. On Goodreads, however, you can see what we’re reading. This is usually a pretty solid indication of what may happen next on SMM.
  • Submit to SMM! Yes, we’re currently open to submissions. Our current payout for submissions is a flat rate of half a cent per word. Check out our submissions page for further guidelines, and join the growing ranks of esteemed writers appearing here.
  • Friend the editor on Facebook. I’ve been asking daily questions on Facebook lately, the responses to which will play a part of future SMM posts. You can also message me for any comments, proposals, or suggestions. On Facebook, you can play an active role in influencing the content we’re having so much damn fun creating.
  • You can directly support SMM by visiting our store and services pages. 100% of our site revunue goes back into the SMM machine. We are dedicated to paying our contributors, and maintaining the high level of quality our readers deserve.

Much more is on the way. We hope you will enjoy the wonderful week we have planned.

-Justin A. Burnett