Your Happy Life: Day Seven

Taenia solium is one of many reasons the poor cannot be happy. It’s a parasite, commonly known as the tape worm. What is more horrible than a parasite? Neurocysticercosis occurs when a tapeworm infection causes cysts in the brain, which often results in neurological damage. Due to the sordid living conditions in which this disease thrives, it falls under the classification of a “neglected tropical disease,” along with ascariasis (roundworms), Buruli ulcer (a bacterial infection resulting in swelling that can affect bone), Chagas disease (a tropical parasite), Dracunculiasis (Guinea worm, contracted by drinking water fleas), African typanosomiasis (African sleeping sickness), leprosy (Mycobaterium leprae bacterial infection, developing into granulomas throughout the exterior and interior of the body)…

I apologize! I’m boring you, of course. You did not come here to be regaled with lists detailing the sufferings of the poor. You, after all, have your antibiotics, your day clinics, your abundance of food, your money, your entertainments, your excesses of every stripe. Allow me to apologize again, oh happy one! It is in bad taste, you say, to dwell on such things. You are right. Let me encourage your scorn. Return to the preceding paragraph and laugh! Hold up your possessions, dangle your smartphone on its charger cable before the faces of those unfortunates. Raise your voice! Shout them down from their glorified crosses of agony! Say to them: “I have access to every solution of your countless problems. I live in a heaven on earth and do not care!” Show them the spare bottles of unfinished antibiotics sitting in your medicine cabinet, and, before their dismayed faces, empty the bottles into the toilet. 

-C. M. Bartolomeo