10 Weird Writers to Save Us Call For Nominations

For the past three years (see our 2018, 2019, and 2020 lists), we’ve been honored to publish a list of “10 Weird Writers to Save Us All,” wherein we celebrate weird  writers who might’ve missed recognition by more popular media entities. There’s no better opportunity to put your favorite writers in the spotlight!

How do we choose these writers? We don’t. You do!

Public nominations will be open until September 1st, 2021, and winners will be voted on by a panel of anonymous writers, editors, and other individuals connected to horror, weird, and bizarro fiction. The final list will be published here, with a short description of each author based on your comments and our research.

The Rules:

As a reader, you may nominate up to three weird writers by emailing your selection to 10weirdwriters@gmail.com. Please feel encouraged to explain your choices briefly, since your comments will be presented to the panel for consideration during the vote. Please share this announcement as well, since sharing = more exposure for these hardworking authors, and that’s the whole point of this list. Please do not nominate yourself, since self-nominations will be disregarded.

We can’t wait to see your nominations!


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