The Big Book of Little Deaths

2021’s been one hell of a year for us. We’re looking at the release of a limited hardback edition of Philip Fracassi’s Altar illustrated by François Vaillancourt in May; Hymns of Abomination: Secret Songs of Leeds, our tribute anthology to the work of Matthew M. Bartlett, is scheduled for publication in July, and debut collections by Rohit Sawant (The Endless Walk) and Scott J. Couturier (The Box) are set to follow closely behind (in August and September, respectively). In addition, our quarterly release of Mysterium Tremendum, a chapbook designed to explore the intersection of horror and the holy, is dropping on schedule (order issue 1 and 2 here). 

But this isn’t all. We’ve taken on another, very worthy project for this spring. We’re happy to announce that The Big Book of Little Deaths: An Erotic Horror Anthology Benifitting Sex Workers, edited by William Tea, will be added to the Silent Motorist Media catalogue. This enormous anthology of over 40 stories and poems is exactly what it sounds like: a charity anthology designed to support Sex Worker Giving Circle (which, by the way, is in no way affiliated with Silent Motorist Media or this anthology). None of the parties involved–the principal editor, Silent Motorist Media, the authors, nor the artist–are receiving a paycheck for this project. We’re dedicating all proceeds from The Big Book of Little Deaths to an industry increasingly maligned and oppressed under the current political climate. 

Look for an official TOC announcement soon! This anthology features a little bit of everything: cosmic horror, bizarro fiction, dark fantasy, weird fiction, you name it. We’ll keep you updated as the details unfold. Thanks to William Tea for allowing us to host this project, and the contributors who have graciously donated their work to support this worthy cause. We’re honored to be a part of this endeavor.  

-Justin A. Burnett 



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