Mysterium Tremendum Release (also, a snag)

The inaugural issue of Mysterium Tremendum, our chapbook exploring the intersection between horror and the holy, is officially ready to launch! However, we’ve hit a snag.

Silent Motorist Media is a one-man operation. Mysterium Tremendum is a chapbook designed to be printed, bound, and shipped from my house. Unfortunately, I’ve been recently diagnosed with COVID-19. This means I won’t be able to safely print and handle the chapbooks until the 14th of January.

I apologize for the delay. I’m disappointed myself, since it was important for me for this inaugural release to go smoothly.

Here’s how Mysterium Tremendum’s release will go: you can still place your order on the website. What you’ll receive upon purchasing the paper copy is a 100% discount code for the pdf copy (which is now offered separately on the site). On the 14th, I’ll begin shipping paper copies (masked and gloved, just to be safe). If you feel unsafe receiving a paper copy from me, then you can order just the pdf version. Please note that the paper edition is printed on cardstock and premium bright with high-resolution images.

If this project is important at all to you, please consider ordering a copy. I’m really pulling for this one, and hope that MT will become a permanent SMM project. The inaugural issue features an introduction and illustrations by me, and three magnificent pieces of fiction by Scott R. Jones, Benjamin Gardner, and Kurt Newton. I can’t wait for you to see it!


Justin A. Burnett


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