Entering the Final Hours of Hymns of Abomination

So, here’s where we stand: we have until TUESDAY at NOON (central time) to reach the following stretch goals for Hymns of Abomination: Secret Songs of Leeds, a tribute to Matthew M. Bartlett. But first, I have to note that, unfortunately, some of these projects will not be revisited if these stretch goals fail. We simply won’t have the budget to print an expanded, hardcover Mannequin: Tales of Wood Made Flesh, for instance. We certainly won’t be able to support an open call if we don’t make $7,000, and we are still very short of being able to offer pro rates. 

This isn’t meant to sour the mood. We’ve made our minimal budgeting, and we have a strong TOC as it stands, but I’d be remiss to neglect to point out that we could do so much more with this project with your help! Here are the immediate stretch goals again: 

At $5,500  we’re giving every contributor who has pledged $5 or more two eBooks! These eBooks, graciously provided by Robert S. Wilson of Nightscape Press, are the 2018 This is Horror Award winning anthology Ashes and Entropy, and Nightscapes Volume 1 edited by Robert S. Wilson, Jennifer Wilson, and Mark C. Scioneaux.

At $6,500 we’re publishing a very limited special hardback edition of our debut anthology, Mannequin: Tales of Wood Made Flesh, which was named the “best multi-author anthology of 2019” by Rue Morgue magazine. The new Mannequin will feature an expanded TOC of original stories by several authors of the original lineup (including, so far, S.L. Edwards and Christopher Slatsky) and work by a few new authors as well. It will also sport a new cover, new layout, interior art, and a new introduction!

At $7,000 we’ll open Hymns of Abomination to public submissions! The open call will be announced on Silent Motorist Media’s submissions page following a submission period allotted for the initial open call exclusive to authors of underrepresented demographics. We’ll also give two more eBooks to every contributor with a pledge over $5 (titles to be announced). 

And if we really get a boost over these next few days…

At $15,000 we can finally afford to pay all contributors pro rates! If we can push to this goal, we’ll add a limited run of a special edition Hymns of Abomination into the mix as well.

As we enter the final hours, it’s more important than ever to contribute, share, and share again. Please note that some of the reward tiers offer all of our anthologies in one format or another, including The Nightside Codex, which just debuted on Amazon a few days ago. Please help us complete this project–help us take our next step into the professional publishing arena–help SMM create more exciting books for you! With your help, we hope to become among your preferred sources for discovering new voices in weird and horror fiction. 

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed and shared an update!  


Justin A. Burnett 


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