Hymns of Abomination, Nightside Codex, 10 Weird Writers, and More (an update)

Okay–so there’s a lot going on here at SMM. I’m not the best at being the promotional mouthpiece required for a venture of this size (I’m a single dad of two little boys working full time in the medical field), so I apologize for falling behind on announcements. I’m going to have to pack a few of them in this post at once. Bear with me. 

First, public nominations for our list of “Ten Weird Writers to Save Us All in 2020” are officially closed. Next we’ll move on to the voting portion of the process, involving a volunteer panel of editors and writers. The picks this year are awesome! We can’t wait to share them with you. 


Hymns of Abomination: Secret Songs of Leeds, our tribute anthology to Matthew M. Bartlett, has achieved its base funding on Kickstarter! This one is BIG, figuratively and literally (there are a total of 27 slots now, including authors like Nathan Ballingrud, S.P. Miskowski, John Langan, Gemma Files, Brian Evenson, Tom Breen, and many more). However, we still have plenty of stretch goals to hit along the way, so please stop by to see all the cool rewards we have to offer to those who pledge. Give it a share on social media. If we make it to $7,000, we’ll open this thing up to public submissions. There’s only 10 days left to make the goal! (This is also where I’ve been spending nearly ALL my “down time.” Kickstarters require constant maintenance and calculation).


And lastly (for now), please remember that The Nightside Codex releases on the 24th! This is our second themed anthology, featuring stories about malicious manuscripts. Here is the full TOC, including 18 works of all-original fiction: 

K. A. Opperman • The Book of Black Dreams

Richard Thomas • In His House

Brian Evenson • I Cannot Remember

Nadia Bulkin • Les Belles Infideles

Jessica McHugh • Pulpit Fiction

Alistair Rey • The Past is a Foreign Country

Michael Fassbender • Schattenlenker’s Hidden Treasure

Scott J. Couturier •Monster of the Mind

Selene dePackh • The Red King

S. E. Casey • The Redneck Library

Devora Gray • Tongue-Tied

Philip Fracassi • As I Sit to Write This Story

Luciano Marano • My Eyes are Closed to Your Light

Christine Morgan • For Bobby

Sarah Walker • Ouroboros

Rhys Hughes • Between the Circles

Austin James • Vanity

Stephen Graham Jones • The Hero of Flight 247

So much to do! Please stay tuned. This is a very exciting and busy time for us. There’s much more to come. 


Justin A. Burnett



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