How COVID-19 is Affecting SMM

It’s about time we touch base with you regarding the state of SMM after the unprecedented global shutdown due to the spread of COVID-19.

As it is for many of you, this is a weird time for us. This endeavor is largely supported by my personal income, which I don’t have anymore due to being placed on furlough. To be frank, this site brings in about $20.00 a month through affiliate links–that doesn’t quite even cover the cost of maintaining the site itself, and book sales have dwindled to nearly nothing since the financial panic.

We’re by no means closing our doors–we are, however, putting an indefinite halt on the development of future anthologies since we can no longer afford to pay for submissions. I know this is unwelcome news to those of you looking forward to our open call for Mysterium Tremendum. While The Nightside Codex is largely ready for release, a few of our writers are experiencing COVID-related difficulties preventing them from finalizing their drafts. I know that this is disappointing to some of you. It is to me as well, and I hope that we’ll soon be able to return to our normal production schedule.

In the meantime, I’m utilizing my spare time to produce content for the website. Look for new segments–including “Classics Reviews,” where I share my thoughts on various weird fiction classics, as well as “Weird Writers Recommend…,” where well-known weird writers recommend all kinds of things (not just books).

Thank you for continuing to support us. Most importantly, don’t lose hope, stay safe, and continue to help those in need.

Justin A. Burnett


2 thoughts on “How COVID-19 is Affecting SMM

  1. Hey, Justin — I’m a subscriber and work in the publishing industry in Canada. I can definitely relate to the challenges you describe and just wanted to say thanks for putting in your own personal time to continue creating content for Silent Motorist. Loved the post with weird writer book recs today and think the classics review column is a great idea. Stay well! – E


    1. It’s definitely my pleasure to keep this thing running, particularly thanks to readers such as yourself. Thank you kindly for the comment, and I hope you continue to enjoy our work. Stay safe!


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