Kindle Kult: Women in Horror, Volume I

To properly kick off the eleventh WiHM, we’re dedicating the next few Kindle Kult posts exclusively to female authors. Do your part to support these authors by following a link, reading, and most importantly, discussing their work with other readers (one easy way to do the latter is taking a second to leave them a review on Amazon–every review helps more than you’d think).  But don’t stop there, go to the official WiHM website to browse upcoming WiHM events!

Thank you for your support, and, as always, enjoy these killer Kindle deals!

Horror writer Shirley Jackson hardly needs an introduction. Just in time for WiHM, We Have Always Lived in the Castle is going for an incredible $1.99!

Gwendolyn Kiste has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the leading voices in weird fiction today. To miss And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe, particularly with its $3.95 price tag, would be a crime.

While I haven’t gotten around to Butterfly Dream yet, I can say with confidence that everything Kristine Ong Muslim writes is thrilling. $2.99 is more than a fair price to pay to experience one of the most unique voices in weird fiction today.

Everything That’s Underneath is an incredible debut from DeMeester that truly deserves celebration. For $4.99, fans of weird fiction should consider this a vital inclusion to their Kindle library.

If you missed Rocksteady’s The Writhing Skies in 2018, you can make it up now by snagging it for $3.99. As we all know by now, this unique horror writer won’t disappoint you.

*All Kindle deals presented here have nothing whatsoever to do with Silent Motorist Media. We are merely pointing them out to you, and we encourage you to verify the price before purchasing. None of these prices are guaranteed to last!

Kindle Kult is supported exclusively by your purchases via the links provided above. If you enjoy this series, please do yourself, the featured authors, and Kindle Kult a favor by snagging these incredible deals!



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