Kindle Kult: Nightscape Press, Laird Barron, Tim Waggoner, and More

Yes, Ashes and Entropy, everyone’s favorite anthology of recent years from Nightscape Press, is on sale for only $0.99 right now! Featuring a host of weird fiction’s heroes, including, Laird Barron, Jon Padgett, Kristi DeMeester, John Langan, and so many more, this is undoubtedly a must have.

And while we’re talking great anthologies, why not pick up Nox Paredolia? Sure, we’ve already featured it recently, but now it’s going for $0.99! Another stunning release which has earned award nominations across the map, fans of weird fiction truly can’t afford to pass this up.

Again from Nightscape, Tim Waggoner’s collection, Dark and Distant Voices, is available now for $2.49! This excellent deal certainly won’t last! “This is every card in the horror deck, played by someone who knows the game better than most of us ever will.”—Stephen Graham Jones

In the mood for something explicitly Lovecraftian? William Meikle’s Into the Black is waiting for you… and only for $1.99. There’s not a single bad rating on Amazon, and that’s truly something for a collection like this. I’m excited to try this one out myself.

In my Kindle bargain shopping experience (and I have a lot of it), Laird Barron’s titles don’t go on sale for long. X’s for Eyes’ $2.99 price tag is truly a blessing, and you’d be doing your duty by the Ancient Ones for next to nothing if you picked it up now.

Curtis M. Lawson’s Black Heart Boy’s Choir is certainly a provocative read centered around school violence. For $2.99, there’s absolutely no reason to miss this dark meditation on music, insanity, and violence. Get it while you can!

*All Kindle deals have nothing whatsoever to do with Silent Motorist Media. We are merely pointing them out to you, and we encourage you to verify the price before purchasing. None of these prices are guaranteed to last!

Kindle Kult is supported exclusively by your purchases via the links provided above. If you enjoy this series, please do yourself, the featured authors, and Kindle Kult a favor by snagging these awesome kindle deals!



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