Kindle Kult: Christopher Slatsky, Cody Goodfellow, Brian Hodge and more!

With the highly-anticipated release of The Immeasurable Corpse of Nature looming in the near horizon, now would be a great time to check out the book that put Christopher Slatsky on the map. Even better, Alectryomancer and Other Weird Tales  is only $2.99 on Kindle. What else could you possibly want?

In case you missed it, Cody Goodfellow dropped another collection of stories in 2019. The Man Who Escaped this Story & Other Stories is selling for $3.99 right now, a more than worthy price from one of the most beloved names in weird/bizarro fiction.

Sure, technically, this thing isn’t out yet, but Miscreations certainly looks like it could already be one of 2020’s highpoints in the world of anthologies. What’s more, you can preorder this February release for a neat $3.95 right now. If you consider yourself a devoted fan of weird fiction anthologies, this purchase is pretty much mandatory.

Anything by Brian Hodge for $2.99 is a no-brainer.  Falling Idols is certain to be no exception. “I’ve little doubt that Nietzsche, Sartre, the Marquis de Sade, and Albert Camus would all be fans of his work.” -Epinions 

As one Amazon reviewer said, “just look at that cover, why don’tcha?” Also, check out the list of authors! Featuring Gwendolyn Kiste, Matthew Bartlett, William Tea, and many more, this seems to be one of last year’s releases we all should’ve been paying way more attention to. You can snag Behold the Undead of Dracula  right now for $3.99. No excuses!

*All Kindle deals have nothing whatsoever to do with Silent Motorist Media. We are merely pointing them out to you, and we encourage you to verify the price before purchasing. None of these prices are guaranteed to last!

Kindle Kult is supported exclusively by your purchases via the links provided above. If you enjoy this series, please do yourself, the featured authors, and Kindle Kult a favor by snagging these awesome kindle deals!



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