Introducing: Kindle Kult

Dear Readers,

As you may have noticed, our beloved Kindle Crack segment, in which we give you a heads up on Kindle eBook sales of weird, bizarro, horror, and other forms of dark fiction, has been defunct for quite a while.

Truth is, we’re hardly ready to give up on it entirely, even if the previous format was imperfect. That’s why were bringing you Kindle Kult! This is essentially BookBub for the above-mentioned forms of genre fiction. We’re fixing the layout, including linked cover images that work with more browsers than before, and we’re sticking to a bi-weekly schedule (Saturdays for the main post, and Wednesdays for the “deal of the week”) What’s even better is that we’re hoping to give you an option to subscribe to a mailing list; that way, you’ll never miss a weird fiction Kindle deal again, and you won’t have to closely watch our site or Twitter accounts to keep up.

Dear Authors and Publishers, 

I’ll be honest with you: as a broke author, I spend an inordinate amount of time researching Kindle deals in the genres I love. I’m simply trying to share the fruits of my endless efforts here. Kindle Kult was never intended to make a buck, but running this site and publishing exciting anthologies such as Mannequin: Tales of Wood Made Flesh and the upcoming Nightside Codex is expensive. Of course, it will remain absolutely free to subscribe to the list. We are, however, giving authors and publishers a chance to feature their Kindle sales on Kindle Kult. Interested parties should feel encouraged, starting now, to send a brief description of their book, discount date, and link to the eBook sale to  Approved applicants will be charged a $10.00 fee, and we do the rest.

All of our Kindle Kult posts, just like before, will be featured on our Facebook, Twitter, and various relevant subreddits. With the addition of our mailing list, we hope that we will reach even more readers than Kindle Crack ever did. Let’s make it happen!

Justin A. Burnett



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