Kindle Crack: Thomas Bernhard, László Krasznahorkai, Richard Brautigan, and More!

Thomas Bernhard is easily one of my top twenty favorite novelists. The Loser was magnificent, and I’m quick to snatch up anything else by him as soon as it goes on sale (yes, I’m forever the penny-pincher, even when it comes to my favorite authors). I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed with Bernhard’s darkly introspective narrative.

Richard Brautigan is one of those highly individual yet sadly overlooked voices in American fiction. He was once considered the literary voice of the sixties; now, you’ll hardly ever hear him mentioned. Trout Fishing in America is an electrifyingly weird romp that absolutely deserves a read. Get this sharp, unsettling, and goddamned hilarious book while it’s going for practically nothing!

László Krasznahorkai is a god. Seriously. I haven’t read anything by him that isn’t absolutely stunning. This twisted and suffocating tale of strange happenings in a small town is certainly worth your time, as long as you want to spend it on an insidiously frightening and wildly imaginative read. For the price, you simply can’t afford to pass this up.

I haven’t read this, but it sounds fantastic. Here’s a description on Amazon: “Set during the advent of perestroika, a surreal, satirical novella by a critically acclaimed young Russian writer traces the fate of the passengers on The Yellow Arrow, a long-distance Russian train headed for a ruined bridge, a train without an end or a beginning–and it makes no stops. Andrei, the mystic passenger, less and less lulled by the never-ending sound of the wheels, has begun to look for a way to get off.” Interesting, huh? This book simply promises to be amazing.

Yes, I realize that Courses in English Literature doesn’t count as “weird fiction,” but a little variety in your Kindle library certainly won’t hurt. Besides, this isn’t just a book about literature; it’s a book on literature by George Luis Borges, one of the greatest and weirdest writers of all time. Even better, it costs almost nothing right now. There’s really no excuse to pass this up.

Speaking of “not being weird fiction,” this one isn’t either. But Kindle Crack will remain steadfastly dedicated to promoting the work of Clarice Lispector, so just deal with it. Lispector didn’t only write fiction, as you may know. Selected Cronicas is a collection of her journalistic work, and it’s every bit as delightful as her fiction. This is definitely a must-have for fans of Lispector’s work.

And lastly, we return to one of our usual suspects. If you keep up with Kindle Crack at all, I’m pretty sure you already have this. If you don’t own this book and call yourself a weird fiction lover, here’s a perfect chance to quietly sneak in and add it to your library before anyone notices it’s missing. It’ll hardly even put a dent in your bank statement. Seriously. You should own this already.

Justin A. Burnett



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