Kindle Crack: Ligotti, Fracassi, Hill, Kiernan, and More!

Night Shade Books’ Ellen Datlow has long been known for releasing excellent collections of the year’s “best horror.” Well, as the title says, this is the best of the best, featuring writers like Neil Gaiman and Brian Evenson. For a buck ninety-nine, this should be a no-brainer.

Fracassi’s Behold the Void is truly a force to be reckoned with. As Laird Barron says in the introduction, “When you open this collection, you’re headed down a dark alley within the precincts of the Twilight Zone. It’s the kind of place where the wrong people get hurt; hazard is everywhere and it doesn’t play favorites. The complacent won’t find refuge here on the threshold of the void. Nobody is safe and nothing is sacred. Enjoy the ride.” What more needs to be said?

Admittedly, I don’t know much about Joe Hill. He’s one of those writers I keep meaning to check out, but never seem to find the time. Don’t judge me: there’s a billion books and only one of me. With a price tag for less than a dollar, 20th Century Ghosts might be a great place to start with the highly-acclaimed author of Horns and NOS4A2. 

Yes, Brian Evenson is still slinging Kindle goodies for ridiculously awesome prices. Undoubtedly, this is to promote Song for the Unraveling of the World, which, by the way, it would be a great idea to PREORDER NOW. Still, I’ve been able to pick up Evenson’s entire Kindle catalogue for approximately the price of a meal at Waffle House. See? It pays… or, um, saves… to keep up with Kindle Crack.

No, I haven’t read Agents of Dreamland, but I’m almost done with The Dinosaur Tourist (which, by the way, is also going for a great price on Kindle right now) and it’s absolutely goddamn amazing. I’m buying this one right now, and if you’re interested in keeping tabs on one of the most unique voices in weird fiction, you should too.

I’m not sure how I let The Spectral Link slip by me, but anything by Ligotti is definitely worth full price. Anything less almost feels wrong. That this collection of two novellas is going for under three bucks is nothing less than a gift from the Void. Grab it now!

Justin A. Burnett



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