Kindle Crack: Ebook Deals from Bret Easton Ellis, Philip K Dick, Italo Calvino, and More

Bret Easton Ellis sales are pretty rare, but here’s one that features what is possibly his most famous work. American Psycho is a complete nightmare, and entirely required reading for anyone who likes dark and strange fiction.

PKD was one of my favorite authors for quite a span, and this book is still one of my favorites by him. If you don’t have this already, now is your chance to change that for less than the price of a coffee.

I’ve been meaning to check out Duncan Ralston’s work for some time, and this sale is a perfect excuse to pick up his widely-praised collection, Video Nasties. I’ve heard nothing but praise for this, and I can’t wait to dive in.

This book has generated a lot of noise since its release, and it’s currently going for a good price. There’s no reason this shouldn’t be a worthy purchase for weird fiction fans.

This collection by Borges (one of two of my longest-standing favorite authors–the other is Kafka)  has appeared here before, but this magnificent sale isn’t bound to last long. If you love mind-bending fiction, you really need this. Grab it while it lasts!

Like Borges, Calvino is widely known for his brilliant and imaginative fiction. Here, Calvino tries his hand at retelling folk tales, and the result is absolutely stunning. For less than three bucks, this sale is a guaranteed success.


One thought on “Kindle Crack: Ebook Deals from Bret Easton Ellis, Philip K Dick, Italo Calvino, and More

  1. Borges, Calvino, Dick . . . you can’t go wrong (even with the novels PKD bashed out over 6-8 weeks to keep up with his wife’s spending-habits). Came late to the novel version of Ellis’ AMERICAN PSYCHO, and was amazed at its level of utter blackness and annihilation (despite the author’s commenting in some interview that readers MIGHT be getting Bateman’s fantasies, not actual behavior).

    Clarice Lispector wrote some of the most laceratingly strange—and wonderful—novels and short stories of all time. Glad to see you value these explorers of life.


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