Kindle Crack: Or Bookbub for Weirdos

I’m not overly familiar with Compass, although I own it. It’s supposedly a genius, eclectic work set to a dreamlike narrative; “dreamlike” + tons of accolades from almost everyone who’s read this thing = good enough for me. Besides, for two bucks? Why not?

Nightwood is a brilliant, underpraised weird classic lauded by none other than T. S. Eliot. I’ve sung the praises of this book many times before, and I can’t say it enough: read Nightwood, especially now that it’s $2.99!

By the way, if you get Nightwood (not like that, you sicko), and you want to read one of Barnes’ major influence, or if you just want to study the history of lesbian literature, grab The Well of Loneliness, also for sale.

“Charles Beaumont’s legendary collection of weird stories on sale now for the wonderfully merciful price of $4.99” you ask? Yes. The answer is yes. Good times.

I have to admit that I’m not very familiar with Oates, but a lot of people tend to like this collection. Why not give a spin at a discount?

Instead of making something up about a book I’m unfamiliar with, here’s an opinion of someone I blindly assume is an expert: “The stories in Johnson’s debut collection straddle the drama of transformation in both the uncanny and the everyday. . . . Imaginative. . . . Thrillingly direct.” ―Publishers Weekly

At $0.99, bizarro’s own Donald Armfield’s Frozen Display is the cheapest steal on this list! Grab it while it lasts, and stay tuned for more Kindle Crack.

-Justin A. Burnett


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