Kindle Crack: Killer Deals for Weird Lit Ebooks

Welcome to our first edition of Kindle Crack! As broke-ass writers delighting in our hopeless book addictions, we spend a lot of time looking for ebooks suited to our severely malnourished bank accounts. Why not, we decided, share the fruits of our labor with our beloved readers? Here, you’ll find the latest deals in weird, horror, magical nihilism, bizarro, and dark literary fiction on Amazon. Be sure to snag these quick, however–there’s no telling when these deals expire! Be sure to check the price before you purchase–just because these books are on sale at the time of posting doesn’t mean they still are by the time you read this.  

A Brian Evenson titles for just under three bucks? Yes. There were more last week, which partially inspired this new segment. It’s Evenson–that should be all the convincing you need to scoop this up.

Dhalgren is a fucking masterpiece; the fact that it’s this cheap for kindle is almost a crime. This should definitely be on your bucket list for seriously weird reads. Why not get it while it’s affordable?

David Wong’s second installment of the John Dies at the End series is also on sale. This is a great place for weird fiction beginners to get acclimatized; if you’re a seasoned reader of the weird, then you already know about this. Either way, it’s cheap. Dive in.

While I’m not that familiar with McCammon, it’s still McCammon. One day I’ll finally get around to reading Swan Song; in the meantime, why not add this one to your collection?

Jim Thompson’s The Killer Inside Me is a dark, twisted classic that you’ll definitely need to read at some point. It’s well worth more than the three bucks its going for right now.

Yeah, Tolkien may stick out like a sore thumb on this list, but it’s fucking Tolkien, and he’s weird and wonderful as all hell in my book. Besides, somewhere around six and a half bucks for a few solid month’s worth of reading material? Why not? His whole corpus seems to be on sale, but the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy, and his incredible translation of the Old English masterpiece, Beowulf, deserve special mention here as deals you really have no excuse for passing up.

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