Mannequin: Tales of Wood Made Flesh

We’ve been announcing it sporadically on social media, and it’s about time we brought it up here. Silent Motorist Media is officially set to publish a debut anthology at the end of February, 2019. If you’ve happened to notice our open call for submissions for a second anthology, Orgy of the Dumb, you might be tempted to conclude that publishing is soon to be a regular feature on SMM–your assumption would be correct. We can’t imagine a better way to usher in this new phase of SMM’s existence that a mannequin-themed anthology featuring some of our favorite authors of dark fiction.

Yes, mannequins. You have Bruno Shulz and Thomas Ligotti (who we strongly encourage you to read, if you haven’t) to thank for that theme, as well as the rise of Grimscribe Press‘ wonderful journal, Vastarien. The title official title is Mannequin: Tales of Wood Made Flesh, and the stories center around mannequins, dolls, and other uncannily humanoid entities. What we have so far is unsettling, thoughtful, and deliciously macabre–if you enjoy Vastarien, the work of Jon Padgett, or either of the authors mentioned above, you’re bound to fall in love with Mannequin. 

Here’s a partial TOC, to give you a taste:

Ramsey Campbell

Christine Morgan

Michael Wehunt

Kristine Ong Muslim

Matthew Bartlett

Richard Gavin

S. L. Edwards

S. C. Casey

More authors are on the way! We’ll announce the complete TOC in early January. In the meantime, get ready! The great feast of the uncanny is on the horizon.

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