Underwater Jason Voorhees to Be Removed from Lake Pleasant

You thought Jason only haunted Crystal Lake, but as it turns out, the masked machete-wielding camp counselor killer also enjoys a good dip in Lake Pleasant. At least that’s what you would think if you went diving in Arizona.

An Arizona scuba divers’ Facebook group has noted that a life-like Jason Voorhees statue is just one of several bizarre artifacts at the bottom of the lake, noting that divers use them as markers.

The site of Jason staring up at you is one that many diving aficionados and horror fanatics would get a kick out of seeing, but the chance to do so appears to be running out.

According to an article posted to AZ Central, Maricoba County Parks officials lost their shit after finding out about the statue via Reddit and YouTube. They are now working to retrieve the statue as they view it as littering and believe that it is disrespectful of nature.

Since the news broke, a video has popped up carrying the hashtag #SaveJason. The Reddit community is divided about the statue, but some have made it clear that divers use the statue as a reference point and that it serves a definite purpose.

This isn’t the first time Jason has been dropped at the bottom of a lake. Naturally, this is something that occurred in several of the Friday the 13th installments, but it’s also happened IRL. Earlier this year, it was revealed that a fan had placed a Jason statue at the bottom of a lake in Crosby, Minnesota.

Hopefully, even if parks officials succeed at removing this “trash,” it won’t be the last we see of Jason, IRL or on the big screen.


One thought on “Underwater Jason Voorhees to Be Removed from Lake Pleasant

  1. Is jason still in that lake underwater or has he been moved? Is there a bunch or cars down there with him? And what about his mother? Does she actually like Jason or did she do this to him? Does he have a son or a younger brother-(Michael poss?)


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