Top 5 Most Disturbing Places on the Internet

Is there anything weirder than the Internet? I mean, seriously. You’ve got people having sex with each other, as well as with a slew of compatible inanimate objects. Private dramas pose in virtual display cases in all their discomforting glory for the pure gratification of perfect strangers. Insane people everywhere detail their delusions in order to market them as gospel truth, and others are ready to buy by the bushel. Things fall apart–call it entropy–and the Internet seems to celebrate this dissolution with all the fervor of a shark in the throes of a blood frenzy.

Take, for instance, the half hour I just wasted on TikTok (for research purposes, you understand). When the human race finally perishes, I hope TikTok is the first artifact the next civilization recovers from ours. Why? Well, because videos of pretty kids in crazy costumes lip-syncing popular audio bites basically sums up media culture, don’t you think? Let’s be honest with ourselves. If there’s one common denominator in our general Internet consumption, it’s frivolity.

Don’t look at me like I’m judging you. I’m just as guilty of heavy YouTube bingeing as any millennial. And what good is life, honestly, without a healthy dose of frivolity? We’re much more dangerous when we begin to take ourselves too seriously. If we’re going to be frivolous, however, why not at least spend our Internet overexposure in places that will build character (or induce insanity, depending on your perspective)? That’s why we’re celebrating the five most disturbing places on the Internet (within the limits of legality). Because, you know, life is simply fucking weird and disturbing. Embrace it.

1) Sentimentalcorp

Sentimentalcorp is a great way to burn a motherload of time without surfing YouTube or Facebook. Sentimentalcorp is, in fact, the spiritual opposite of Facebook. Created by a dude named Randy Prozac, SC appears to be dedicated to uprooting the widespread addiction to social media. How do they approach the daunting task of mass deprogramming? With glitchy videos of masked figures without context and pseudo- country music videos poking fun at right wing stereotypes, of course. But seriously, SC requires a little acclimatizing to appreciate. Force yourself to watch about half an hour of content, and when you start to feel that “ripping apart at the seams” sensation that most people call insanity, you know you’re finally in the proper headspace. Words of cryptic advice: first, aim for the eyes.

2) (that’s seven “y’s”… how awful) is about as far away from the comfortable realms of content as you can possibly wander. You simply don’t realize how important context is in our everlasting human campaign of narrative-creation until you visit this site. Without context, the world would be an unsettling place… much like “Seven Y’s dot info.” The “.info” url is certainly ironic, since this probably the only place on the internet that features no info at all. This makes the site exceedingly difficult to describe. Follow the link and simply click around in the chaos and you’ll see what I mean. Some of the disconnected imagery is linked; most is not, and there is no indication as to which is which.

3) Plane Crash Info is less blatantly strange than the two preceding websites. For one, it looks like a “normal” webpage in that it features timeless classics like “a homepage with links to other pages,” and is devoid of oddly mesmerizing visuals. Planecrashinfo, however, is far from your cup of morning joe (unless you’re a psychopath). This site is dedicated to–you guessed it–lists, accounts, and images of plane crashes from around the globe. Check out the “Last Words” page if you really want to see how deep things get. Have you ever dreamed of listening to recorded conversations between people just moments away from death? Then Planecrashinfo is just the site for you! Go ahead and pay them a visit. I won’t judge you. There’s no harm in prodding the boundaries of your comfort zone.

4) Memory Hole

Let’s move on to YouTube channels. After all, the Great Streaming Giant of the World has far more to offer than puppies and MGK diss tracks. Memory Hole is simply one of those virtual spaces from which you will emerge a different, more damaged person. Utilizing “found” home videos compiled and rejected for use by a top-secret Television source (America’s Funniest Home Videos), Memory Hole creates some of the most disturbing shit I’ve come across yet on the ‘ol Doob’Tube. In an interview with Vice, Memory Hole editor Commodore Gilgamesh points out that “our home life is dirty and weird and funny and terrifying,” which perfectly sums up the aesthetic MH achieves. Imagine a million cringey home videos edited together without context and backed by creepy soundtracks and you’ll have more than an inkling of what you’re in for if you follow the link. It’s a literal description of the madness to come

5) HowToBasic

And now, my personal favorite. HowToBasic poses as those short, instructional “How To” videos that keep popping up on your social media feed. You know the ones: they’re typically centered around party foods whipped up in a simple one-two-three-maybe-four-step sleight of hand. The thumbnail images of HowToBasic videos won’t distinguish them from their user-friendly counterparts (making them perfect for tricking and/or losing your friends list), but just wait till you get a minute or so in…. I won’t ruin the fun, since the element of surprise is important here. Even when you think you “get” the HowToBasic formula, however, the creators have ways of keeping things fresh.

This list certainly isn’t comprehensive. I encourage you to surf around a bit; there’s loads of weird shit out there waiting for a curious and slightly unbalanced audience. What weird sites do you think belong on this list? Let us know in the comments.

-Justin A. Burnett

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