Cinereous Incarnate Album Review

Band: Abstracter
Album: Cinereous Incarnate
Country of Origin: United States
Release Date: June 8th, 2018
Genre: Blackened doom
Label: I, Voidhanger

I seriously can’t put this one down. The third release from Oakland’s blackened doom masters is one of those albums good enough to bleed from the review pile to my regular rotation. I’ve listened to a Cinereous Imcarnate a dozen times, and I’m still not finished.

Listening to Cinereous Incarnate is like discovering Neurosis all over again. I was a latecomer; I got hooked on Given to the Rising and never quite recovered. No other Neurosis release managed to move me the way Given did. Cinereous Incarnate, however, seamlessly picks up the loose ends of my lukewarm relationship to Neurosis. I know what you’re saying; I hear those resounding accusations of blasphemy before they even exist. Allow a disclaimer: I’ve only heard a handful of Neurosis albums, so I’m open to the possibility that one of them delves into the dark, post-metal chasm with as much brilliant subtlety as Given to the Rising did. But until I find that album, Cinereous Incarnate will more than suffice.

Abstracter has those strange, counterintuitive chord progressions that made Given to the Rising so goddamned awesome fully at their command. Better yet, Cinereous Incarnate runs the whole doom thing through a thick black metal filter, adding a brilliant layer of soul-freezing darkness to the already suffocating mix. While it may seem like I’m describing yet another Sunn O))) album, I’m not. There’s something… more, something less obscure in Abstracter that pays off on the first listen without giving the game away. As I’ve already mentioned, I’m still enjoying every moment of this beast.

This is an album you want to immerse yourself in; its an album to play while writing a twisted dystopian novel. It’s an album to calm you in your deepest depression, to remind you of the uselessness of everything. It’s an album you want to hear while you die. In Cinereous Incarnate, Abstracter achieves what Mournful Congregation wants to without being self-conscious about it. This is a true must-have for those of you who thrive in the dark.

Rating: 5/5

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