The Return of Silent Motorist Media


As promised, after nearly a month of inactivity, Silent Motorist Media is back! We’re picking up right where we left off, and we’d like to announce a few changes to our program.

To begin, we have a new staff writer. Austin James, author of “Profixer” and the recently-released collection, The Drip Drop Prophet, is joining us to help with our author interviews series. We’re excited to add another voice to our little community, and believe that you will enjoy the variety. Help us welcome Mr. James by checking out his upcoming interview with Dani Brown.

Which brings us nicely to our second topic: the second phase of our author interviews will largely focus on women writers. We’d like to encourage women writers interested in an interview to contact us. As we’ve stated on our Promotional Services page, this is your site, writers, and we’re always excited to read and discuss your work. The list of upcoming women author interviews is growing daily, and we’d be thrilled for you to join.

Submissions are tentatively scheduled to open again in mid-July, and a themed essay contest will also be announced soon. Don’t worry. We’ll keep you updated.

Finally, the Silent Motorist Media Editing Team will soon announce open enrollment to a month-long creative writing workshop on Facebook. While we’ve been busy editing, we’ve also been taking notes. From those notes, we’ve composed a curriculum based on grammar, content, and style designed to strengthen your fiction writing by addressing issues that we’ve recurrently noted while editing. In other words, what you’ll get in our workshop isn’t the standard affair: we’ll ask you to bring a draft of a short story, and we’ll treat it to an individualized editing process, supplanted by general lessons that focus on the technical aspects of writing. Shannon McCaslin, an English instructor with over a decade of experience teaching undergraduate composition, will join me to give you an experience worthy of a short, college-level course. While enrollment isn’t officially open, we are happy to answer any preliminary inquiries you might have.

It’s great to be back, and we hope you’ll join us as we continue our ecstatic celebration of the literary weird.

-Justin A. Burnett


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