Interview: Please Welcome Justin Burnett

Phoenix kindly interviewed me for his blog. Check out the full text here!

I had the privilege of interviewing a great friend and talented writer, Justin Burnett. As you’ll see in our eclectic interview, he is a very curious writer and an even more wonderful thinker. I really enjoyed conducting this interview, and I think you’ll get a lot out of what he has to say about philosophy, about life, about writing, about reading, about literature. Please welcome Justin Burnett.


Phoenix: I’d like to first start off this interview by thanking you for writing your books. While people may say writing isn’t valuable in today’s society, we know as writers that it keeps us alive and also reflects a mirror back at society, an important process we’ve had since art and writing began. Derrida once considered writing proper to have begun as soon as we first wrote down letters and words, an analogy made to the Ancient Egyptians, I believe. What inspires…

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