Silent Motorist Productions Debut Release Announcement

I realize that I just updated this blog yesterday, but lightning inspirations and bursts of productivity are things you’ll get used to if you spend any time keeping tabs on my work. Yesterday I announced an academic nonfiction release from Silent Motorist Productions, a press designed by me for publications not quite suited for the typical submit-and-wait process. This release, I decided, will be the first installation of an annual literary journal entitled Banished From Language. I generally write enough academic articles in a year, purely for fun, to sustain such an endeavor, so why not?

For 2018, I have selected 11 works, including six older, traditional papers from my college years, several of which have attracted a modest to large number of readers over the years on Banished From Language will be dedicated to experimental writing and scholarship. Here, readers will find academic quality without the dedication to institutional norms, which tend to stifle, in my view, creativity.

I have decided to open Silent Motorist Productions to public submissions for next year’s journal. As of right now, there is no money in this. All submissions will be unpaid unless these publications generate royalties, in which case payments will be distributed to contributors. If any writers out there wish to write intelligently and experimentally about books, art, music, or philosophy, this is the place to do so.

Posted below is my cover design for issue 1 of Banished from Language. Once the selected texts are edited, I’ll make a release announcement here and on Facebook. Until then, I’ll see you around!

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